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HAR Services

Hibernia Auto Restorations is a complete restoration shop with everything necessary to restore any vehicle from the ground up.

We do everything from simple maintenance to full restorations. Any year, make or model, foreign or domestic. If there is something you need but don't see listed, don't hesitate to call us and ask. Chances are, we'll be able to accommodate your needs.


We are equipped with commercial grade sandblasting equipment for quick removal of years of rust/paint buildup. We have stripped everything from automotive and motorcycle frames/wheels to lawn furniture and antique cast iron radiators for homes. No job is too small or too big.

We can beadblast more delicate items in our media cabinet, such as valve covers or engine pans. Sandblasting/Beadblasting are billed @ $95 per hour. One hour minimum.

Climate Controlled Storage

We offer over 4,500 square feet of museum quality storage facilities for those who wish the best for their cars. All vehicles are stored under cover and have their batteries hooked to a battery tender. Our heated buildings have no windows and are kept to 65 degrees year round, dehumidifiers set to 50%. No more storage sheds with a cold damp floor, rodents and dust covered cars. Your clean vehicle will be ready for your ride with just a short notice. All vehicles are checked over, including (tire pressure, fluids, etc). Storage cars are driven on a 20 mile road test every three months if not exercised by the owner. Click here for more details

Vehicle Appraisals

We can appraise all years, makes and models of cars and light-trucks for Insurance, Legal, or Estate purposes. We are also available to assist you in the purchase of your automobile with our pre-purchase appraisals. Our appraisal services can be performed in our shop or off-site.

All Appraisals come with a typed appraisal of value, description of the cosmetic and mechanical condition (with noticeable flaws) and a Running report if conditions permit. Digital photos can be emailed to you or hard copies attached with the appraisal. We are recommended by many insurance companies. Call for pricing & more details about our services.

Tire Truing and Computerized Dynamic Balancing

We can True your tires on our quality Amermac machine. Tire truing is a form of dynamic balancing and involves shaving rubber from the tire to achieve roundness. This is very helpful in cases where tires are physically out of round. Tire Truing is reserved for bias-ply tires only. No Radials. Tires for Truing must be mounted on rim to be cut. We also offer Computerized dynamic “Spin” balancing.

Cloisonne Medallions

Our restoration services are restricted to only enamel or cloisonné emblems, made of copper and glass, commonly found on pre-war cars. Once your medallion is received, it is stripped of its cloisonné and plating, then enameled to the original colors and plated in the original finish (Chrome, Gold or Silver). Click here for more details

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